Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Batman Returns (Part...I've lost count)

I'm still in movie mode.

In just a couple more weeks Mr. Christian Bale is back for another go at Batman Begins, this time working along side the late Heath Ledger who plays the Joker. Not before too long we'll see that Bat Symbol posted up above Gotham, and for all those people not paying attention, the Bat Symbol is only made available by something I like to call metal halide. I like to call it that, because that's what it's called. Metal halide. Check it out.

On a sidenote, how confusing would it be if you actually owned a spotlight with a Bat Symbol cover in your backyard or something? I'm sure the FAA would have something to say about it, but a few times a year I'm sure the entire city would get a kick out of your toy : )

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